Donor or No Donor?

I woke up from sedation after getting the Hickman Line installed in my chest with a voicemail from the transplant nurse. She advised the second donor tested positive for an antibody and would not be able to donate. The news was less than a day before I was scheduled to be admitted to the hospital.

The original donor had already backed out for the date we wanted. We still had hoped that he would be available at another date, but unfortunately, we found out that he permanently removed himself from consideration.

3rd time is a charm, right? The transplant team went back to the registry and found another preliminary match! He is not from the United States and that is all the personal information they will release. He has agreed to donate and is scheduled to complete blood work and a physical exam on October 30th. They think he will be a 9/10 match, but will not know until the final blood tests are reviewed. The first two donors were only 8/10 matches, and with a 40% survival chance, the extra point is huge!

The transplant nurse said I should plan on being admitted on November 12th. We won’t know the results of the donor blood tests until November 9th. If everything goes smoothly this time, I will get the donor cells on November 20th.

Thank you to everyone that has been tested to be my match. I never knew the significance of Without the awesome person donating his cells to me, I would have a 0% chance of survival. If you are already registered THANK YOU! If you are not, please take a look at the site and consider registering. I only have 4 partial matches worldwide. You could save someone’s life by becoming a donor!


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